ESI Player Programs

First of all, ESI is not a club, but a specific program for players with a specific mindset.

The ESI U9 to U14 Program: Made for Players Who Want to Join MLS Academies

Players U9 to U14 are in the most important years of player development. There is no going back in time and no room for mistakes. ESI has shown its high level of expertise and competency to transform players and prepare them to join the top MLS academies.

Our program is differentiated with the following:

  • Training and coaching by a former professional player who played in Europe and MLS
  • More training
  • Higher Quality training
  • Targeted training based on each player’s abilities
  • Targeted training based on MLS Academies criteria

“Every year players join ESI at the U15 or U16 age groups and realize that joining the program at a younger age would have allowed them to be much more ambitious and have a real chance to fulfill their dream of joining an MLS academy,” Stéphane Auvray, ESI's Director noted.

Many players joining ESI later in their development have acknowledged regrets for not starting earlier and benefiting from quality development and customized training that ESI offers. Players and families often lean toward winning teams and clubs instead of going through the hard work of the road to improvement. Winning as a priority does not translate into individual player improvement.

“It seems like people think that ESI is too good to be true and hesitate to believe that we do as we say,” Stéphane said. “All they need to do is to see how many players joined SKC academy after we trained them. We develop players so that they could fulfill their dream and leave ESI. We do not use them for the benefit of our teams, we use our teams for their benefit!”

Players who joined an ESI team or small group training between U10 and U14, and were selected for MLS academy or an academy in Europe are highlighted and profiled on our site

See our Elite ESI Players who joined
MLS Academies or European Academies

U9 to U14 Development Focus

During these critical 6 years of development (U9-U14), ESI players focus on technical work, game intelligence and awareness. The only athletic work is speed/coordination.

The players go through a real developmental process. Wins or losses have no importance. The players have two objectives…becoming a better player and joining an MLS academy.

  • U9-U10: 3 weekly session + Heartland League, Futsal League, tournaments, friendlies
  • U11-12: 3/4 weekly sessions + Heartland League, Futsal League, tournaments, friendlies, international tournament
  • U13-U14: Introduction to 11v11 - 4/5 weekly sessions + Heartland League, Futsal League, tournaments, friendlies, international tournament

ESI U15 to U18 Program: Made for Players Who Want to Play Top College Soccer

  • We train our players with the same expectations and intensity as a professional academy to prepare them for college ID camps and tryouts.
  • We travel to Europe for training camps and international tournaments.
  • We work with programs in Spain for our top players.

ESI’s responsibility towards our U15-U18 players is to equip them with all the necessary tools to become key players in college.

In terms of exposure, if our players want to raise the interest of top coaches they need to validate their years of training by showing that they attended training and tournaments in Europe. The same goes for video footage. Showing performances during games and camps with professional European teams or players speaks for itself.

It is important to note that the players who went through the ESI system, and are now in college, receive full or substantial “soccer” scholarships.

ESI offers the best for our players to get the exposure they do not get with top colleges in the current, non-Development Academy (DA) system...

  • High quality daily training/coaching
  • Camps in French Football Federation programs
  • Tournaments in Europe
  • Participating in the US Club Nationals

…for the following results:

From U15 to U17, competing to win becomes a mid-term objective. These players do not participate in high school soccer events, and train all year-round.

The emphasis is now put on decision-making, collective tactical concepts, a specific style of play, and team dynamic. Athletic components such as endurance, resistance, strength and power work are slowly introduced.

U15-U17 program: 4/5 weekly sessions + Nebraska League (Fall), Futsal league (winter), Heartland League (Spring) + Futsal + tournaments, friendlies, international camps, international tournaments.

Our U18’s are allowed to play high-school soccer.

U18 program: 4/5 weekly sessions + Futsal league (winter), Heartland League (spring) + tournaments, friendlies.

Jackson Grant futsal for ESI
Ethan Knauth plays futsal for ESI
Mathew Drinkhouse futsal for ESI

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