Saturday in Anguilla, the Saint-Martin team played the Cayman Islands for its third match of the CONCACAF League of Nations. After 18 years without winning an official match, the Saint-Martin team defeated their opponent 3-0.

The Saint Martin football team beat the Cayman Islands in their third game of the CONCACAF Nations League in Anguilla. After 18 years without winning an official match, the Saint Martin team led by coach Stéphane Auvray obtained a crushing victory. This was all thanks to a hat-trick by Saint-Martin's striker Yannick Bellechasse in the 65th, 71st and 75th minutes. The team played well.

"We have corrected the mistakes from the previous games," says Stéphane Auvray.

As the game progressed, the team showed what it was capable of. After finding the weaknesses of the Cayman Islands' team, striker Yannick Bellechasse scored three goals in 10 minutes. The team had seven chances to score, against only one for the opposite side. The coach said he was "happy with this victory, but now we want more."  However, above all, the priority remains "to build the team. We have a lot of work to do."

League Objective B

Their first two games in the League of Nations resulted in two defeats against Barbados (4-0) and the US Virgin Islands (2-1). This first win against the leader of the group is good for the future. Only 3 points from the Cayman Islands, the team can still hope for a first place, which would allow it to move into League B, but also to enter a qualifying phase for the 2021 Gold Cup. The team was able to compete last Saturday, with one less player on the roster. Additionally, Yannick Fidelin suffered a knee injury during the game. Waiting for a medical opinion the footballer will not be able to play tonight's return match against the Cayman Islands. On 16 November at 4pm, Saint-Martin will meet Barbados and then the US Virgin Islands on 19 November.

- Florianne Amblard

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