Kaïlé Auvray plays for French Ligue 1 club Lille OSC. While he was born in Caen, France he grew up in Kansas City since his father, Stéphane Auvray, moved to the United States In 2010 to join MLS side Sporting KC.

Before joining “Le LOSC” in France, Kaïlé played for the European Soccer Institute 03/04 team. Being a dual national, he was called up to the United States U-13 Futsal National team in 2015 to dispute friendlies against Canada.

Each year ESI would travel to Guadeloupe, a French overseas department. With the strong links between the French Football Federation Pôle Espoir and French professional clubs, Kaïlé felt going to Guadeloupe would give him better chances of playing in Europe one day.

During his time in Guadeloupe, Kaïlé was nominated MVP of the 2019 CONCACAF Boys’ Under-15 Championship Qualifiers in Martinique.

Three years after his departure from ESI, Auvray still holds his former club in high regards. 

“Whenever I have a weekend off, I somehow always end up doing my ESI drills, as they help me improve the most.”

Kaïlé Auvray Selected for the United State’s U17 Men’s National Team 

ESI is proud to announce that ESI alumnus Kaïlé Auvray has been called up to the U.S. U17 Men’s National Team. This significant honor is bestowed on players by the US Soccer Federation. The U.S. Soccer Federation selects the best players to play on the U.S. National Team. Using their own scouting process, players generally are selected from MLS academies, Development Academies, and players in European Academies. When a player gets called-up, an official letter from the national team federation is sent to his/her respective club.

“It’s a huge honor to have been called up to the National team,” Kaïlé said. “Personally, I see this as a very important milestone in my career.”

What lead up to this point? Hard work, determination and the foundational techniques learned at ESI.

The Driving Force Behind ESI

Kaïlé Auvray was one of the motivating factors for the development of ESI and now, while playing in Europe, his success continues to propel players to the Institute’s program. Having trained with ESI since he was nine years old, Kaïlé still credits ESI’s high-quality sessions and the foundational focus on technique with helping him get to where he is today. Kaïlé appreciates how playing with ESI prepared him for a French Ligue 1 Academy, Lille OSC’s U16 team.

“The very high-quality skills training that we did at ESI really had an impact on my development,” Kaïlé said. “In my free time, I still sometimes return to the ESI drills I used to practice, just to stay sharp.”

Kaïlé attributes the mentoring of his dad, Stéphane Auvray, as critical to helping not only himself, but all players transform and advance their game to achieve success. 

“He (Stéphane) is able to look at a player and immediately identify strengths/weaknesses, and what is necessary in order to improve,” Kaïlé said. “His ability to analyze and understand players based on his experience is impressive. His focus is helping each player grow and fully realize their potential.”

A Day in the Life 

A typical day for Kaïlé at Lille OSC involves signing in for breakfast at 7:30am, training at 10:30am, and participating in two to three hours of school in the afternoon. Kaïlé travels every other week for games on the road and during tournaments he can be gone for 2-3 days.

Being in Europe, away from his family, and away from the Institute that his father runs is not easy, but he still connects with his dad regularly for game analysis and appreciates the insight he has provided him throughout this journey.

“My dad’s insight and experience definitely helped me understand the requirements and what it takes to aspire to become a pro,” Kaïlé said. “His understanding of the game helped me develop a certain level of game intelligence from a young age.”

Life Lessons Learned

Growing up in and around the game of soccer went hand-in-hand with life lessons. Kaïlé learned at ESI that confidence can be developed through hard work. The backbone of ESI training is hard work and technical growth. Accepting these as foundational characteristics to success allows players to progress long-term.

“At ESI, first and foremost, the priority is for the player to improve individually, which provides a healthy working atmosphere for all players,” said Kaïlé. “My training at ESI put a big emphasis on player development which helped grow faster.”

Giving it His All

For now, Kaïlé aspires to score goals and keep performing at the highest possible level. Realizing his full potential is what drives him. While he is most proud of his game winning goal in a 3-2 win versus Martinique in a Concacaf tournament, he hopes to win a World Cup title someday. These goals seem attainable through his exceptional ability to impact games, hard work and acceptance of sacrifices that are fundamental to his way of life.

“The hardest choices require the strongest of wills,” said Kaïlé. “The sacrifices are countless and never ending. In terms of work ethic, I feel that in most cases, as Drake says, ‘It is what it is, trust me you get what you give.’”

Kaïlé Auvray Selected for U17 French National Team

A BIG announcement came from ESI alumnus Kaïlé Auvray at the beginning of December. Kaïlé is playing for France's LOSC Academy and was chosen to be part of the u17 French National Team. Kaïlé was born in France and raised in the United States, giving him dual citizenship. Our ESI fans will recall that last year he played for the US National Team. Huge congratulations go out to him on yet another monumental achievement - Félicitations, Kaïlé!

Kaïlé Auvray