ESI Player Luke Griffiths committed to FC Malaga City Academy in Spain. He will join the Academy in July 2020. 

In addition to the ESI international trips at FC Lorient and Pole Espoir, Luke has had the opportunity to play in Europe the past 2 years on various trials. While in England and Italy, he took an interest in soccer academies in Spain.

"Luke filled out FC Malaga City's application online and then in 2 weeks the Director of the Academy was emailing us back," Luke's dad, John Griffiths said. 

The family had multiple exchanges through emails, conference calls and shared videos with the leadership at the FC Malaga City Academy before accepting the path to Spain in 2020. The recruiting process was fast and the Academy was impressed with Luke's skillset.

"When comparing players at ESI, they are set apart from other players by their technical development that is the result of training with Stéphane," said John. 

FC Malaga City Academy provides football coaching and the opportunity to be fully submerged in the life of a European professional soccer player. With training six days per week, and access to experienced coaches, the academy will offer development experiences that will help Luke reach his soccer goals.

The Academy represents players from across the world, coming from more than 35 countries and 6 continents. According to Luke and his family, ESI helped him advance his game to a level that has allowed him to pursue his dreams.

"Without a doubt, ESI was able to help take Luke to a much higher level of play," said John. "He would never have developed and had the success and this opportunity without ESI."