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European Soccer Institute is dedicated to ensuring that every player reach their highest potential with an individualized development path that leads to higher level opportunities and exposure in the United States as well as in Europe.

Stéphane Auvray is a firm believer that the "field speaks for itself". In other words, if developed properly, a player will always have concrete opportunities based on his level of performance.

ESI's purpose is to train players to reach their maximum potential and equip them with the necessary technical and mental tools to attain, but most importantly last at the highest level.

Then our players are advised to reflect on certain paths that would be more appropriate based on their profile, level of performance, and mental disposition. ESI provides its players exposure through showcases, special events, ID camps, ESI's International Trips and tryouts.

Sometimes, thanks to his network, Stephane Auvray contacts professional clubs directly to organize a tryout for a specific player if necessary. 

To summarize, our end goal is to see our players leave ESI for a professional club's academy, or go the collegiate route with a college scholarship. 

To learn more about ESI player successes, read our elite player highlights.

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