ESI 03 defender Beau Ricard announced that he signed with FC Malaga City. Ricard will report to the Elite International Soccer Academy in Spain at the end of August 2020. Ricard is the second ESI player to commit to FC Malaga City with 04 Luke Griffiths announcing at the end of 2019. Founded in 2013, FC Malaga City Academy provides players the opportunity to be fully submerged in a full time soccer experience that replicates a professional environment throughout a ten month season. 

Beau has been with ESI since 2014. His absolute flexibility and versatility in playing everywhere on the field showcase his technically sound soccer. Beau’s extensive abilities have allowed him to travel the world with soccer on the wings of ESI. He has had 9 soccer experiences where he traveled out of the US; playing in France (3 times), Guadeloupe (4 times), as well as Costa Rica and Columbia.

FC Malaga City will offer Ricard the opportunity to continue to pursue his dream to play in Europe and against Europe's finest clubs. The academy will provide the next steps in Ricard's goal to play professionally in Europe with FC Malaga City demostrating a proven track record for replicating a professional soccer environment and preparing players for professional soccer. 

Beau has noted in the past that without ESI he could not have made it to where he is now. He appreciates the road ESI has played in helping him meet his soccer objectives and life-long goals.

“ESI has shown me what it’s like to play on another level,” Beau said. “Playing in areas like France, Guadeloupe, all over the United States as well has shown me the other people I’m competing with and has taught me more lessons in every aspect of my life than anything else.”

Beau highlights Stéphane’s extraordinary training style and guidance in playing soccer “the right way” - as aspects he never takes for granted. “[Stéphane] has helped improve every single part of my game. I have watched him transform players into superstars. He’s an amazing mentor for me. He gives me advice that no one else ever could.”

Beau knows soccer has impacted his life in “an astronomical way” and is able to appreciate the whole experience. “The biggest thing I have learned from ESI is to be grateful for everything we have been blessed with in our lives,” he said.