Transforming Players

ESI is destined to players (and families) who truly believe in player development and understand how much patience it demands. These players (families) will be starting a long journey with many challenges ahead.

Improvement does not always come as a team. We measure success by the progress of a player, which will eventually transform into team results at an older age. Also keep in mind that everyone matures (as a player and as a person) at a different time.

The player (families) who chose to join ESI decides to trust in the program and its long- term process. ESI’s Technical Director, Stéphane Auvray, has the level of experience, knowledge and expertise to offer the best training environment to the players.

ESI is a year round soccer program with several one to two weeks breaks in December, March, June and July, as well as shorter recovery periods.

Endless Opportunities

ESI team players benefit from the unique opportunities to compete locally in the soccer capital of the US, nationally as well as internationally. ESI plays in state tournament events and showcases, getting exposure to college scholarship events as well as international exposure.

Player Development

Each ESI team member is continuously being evaluated and analyzed based on the following four areas:

1. Mental Dimension (motivation, character, discipline, and the leadership ability to apply what is taught in training)
2. Athletic Dimension (quickness, endurance, speed, strength, explosiveness)
3. Technical Competence (ball control and comfort) 
4. Tactical Awareness (game intelligence/knowledge and understanding)

All player decisions and the developmental path of each player is made solely on these four areas of evaluation. Players are continuously provided direct and specific feedback to emphasize where they need to grow and develop.

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