U17 Team

Each European Soccer Institute U17 soccer player is individually motivated and determined - this is the backbone of the ESI mindset. While ESI offers the education and challenges to becoming the best soccer player, the motivation starts with the individual player! The U17 player's ambition and motivation is what pushes them to join ESI seeking better training to meet their goals. A player can’t succeed at the highest level without these two ingredients (motivation and ambition).

ESI's U17 teams engage in more competitive soccer levels intended to support players advancing into professional academies, European programs or college soccer. ESI's U17 team is composed of 15 - 17 year olds.

At the U17 age group, there is an emphasis on technical execution, speed of play and intensity, including the speed at which each player processes information and makes decisions. Endurance work, speed work and strength are combined with small sided games.

The priorities for our U17 players are:

1. Game management using possession
2. Communication
3. Mental aspect of the game
4. Finishing
5. Team spirit
6. Work ethic
7. Controlling the game through understanding and technical ability
8. Ambition/winning mentality
9. Fitness level


Our team plays Futsal to work on the following:

1. Develop transition game/repeat efforts
2. Develop speed of thought
3. Develop decision-making
4. Develop individual offensive and defensive technique
5. Practice finishing/scoring
6. Develop tactical understanding/strategy
7. Raise intensity in passing, dribbling and movement
8. Express personality

Additionally ESI players work much more on speed, quickness, explosiveness and agility.

Video Highlights