Creative Training at Home

During the uncertainties of a pandemic, there was only one thing certain - ESI player improvement. Coach Stéphane Auvray kept players engaged and in shape during a time when all else was on hold due to COVID-19. These committed group of soccer players were grateful for the continued focus because their futures rely on them continuing to raise their level of game to reach their goals.

ESI's player development continued during the weeks of confinement with ongoing communication, recorded and shared videos that supported:

  • weekly program/curriculum
  • juggling challenges
  • game analysis
  • player self-reflection

The players have received a weekly program since March which included ball work, fitness/coordination/agility work, and game analysis. Each week’s program is tailored to the players based on building and recovery and to help avoid injuries/fatigue. There are also weekly team Zoom meetings to catch up with one another and connect and evaluate professional games.

ESI has made the best out of the situation to focus mostly on individual improvement (activation exercises/coordination, individual technique, core work, game understanding). Players following the program have not only maintained their fitness level but have showed technical improvement (juggling, wall pass, ball control). 

"In spite of the restrictions, it seems like most of our players took advantage of the situation by working very hard to complete the program and even do additional work," Stéphane said. "Many give me positive feedback on their technical improvement, better endurance, or better game understanding with the game analysis. I am definitely very proud of our players mindset, dedication and most of all passion for the game."

To see the reflection of the players' efforts, check out a sampling of the ESI juggling videos captured.