U15 Futsal

The ESI U15 team started Futsal training in November. At ESI it is important to provide our players with appropriate training based on their Futsal knowledge or level of performance. To ensure the training fit the player, the collective team was split in two groups - those players that are beginners/intermediate, and those that are more advanced.

The first group - beginners/intermediate - learns the beginner Futsal techniques, basic tactical concepts, and Futsal primary formations. We also do strong individual work on both offense and defense.

The second group - advanced - goes more into depth with specific concepts, an increase in speed of play, improvement of movement and decision making, and playing with five players. The first phase of our Futsal season is always focused on our players making the transition in switching from playing soccer on a Futsal court to playing like Futsal players. It usually takes us a month to see this conversion. December is typically reflective of the results of our first month of training and the beginning of the shift into the progression of futsal players.

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