European Soccer Institute (ESI) specialized in developing youth soccer players to succeed in integrating into United States soccer academies or International academies.

Our players benefitted from elite and professional soccer training based on the French Football Federation philosophy of development. We believe in player evolution and growth through technical training and achievements, but also through personal growth and the individual potential that is unique to each player. ESI’s goal was to produce high quality players that can go on to play professional soccer, professional Futsal, and collegiate soccer.

Take a look at where some of the players who have passed through our program are today.

Kaïlé Auvray

Lille OSC France | France U17 National Team/US U17 National Team

Mohammad Abualnadi

SKC – Notre Dame University

Gyuwon Chong

SKC 2 – Temple University

Leonel Palma

FC Barcelona residential program

Jackson Grant

Tulsa University

Hailey Palmer

Texas Tech University

Mathew Drinkhouse

AS Cannes France

Tommy Jernigan

SKC Academy

Wesley Cribb

SKC Academy

Charlie Finn Barrett

SKC Academy

Jayvin Van Deventer

SKC Academy

Jack Lucas

SKC Academy

Grant Peters

Bradley University

Matthew Ricci

Midland University

Luke Hoelting

Michel Hidalgo Football Academy France

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